Charles T. and Mary Ellen Doyle

Texas City

We presented Dr. Nichols and the COM Foundation our largest support of education with a gift of $1 million. This gift is to congratulate Dr. Nichols, the Board of Trustees, and all the students, faculty and staff at COM for the remarkable achievements you have accomplished here at COM. You have invested in our future and the future of our children and our communities, and the Doyle family is delighted to stand with you as a partner in this effort.

Dr. William McGarvey

La Marque College of the Mainland’s Opening Doors Promise Scholarship, once fully implemented, will enable any graduating senior in the college’s taxing district to attend

Mary Dunbaugh

Dickinson The Dickinson Management District No. 1 is honored to support the College of the Mainland Opening Doors Promise Scholarship program for our graduating high

Pastor Johnnie Simpson, Jr.

Dickinson I support the Dickinson Opening Doors Promise Scholarship because education and training are essential in reducing unemployment and underemployment. There are many students with

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