Day: January 17, 2022

Koral Hairgrove

Opening Doors Promise Scholarship Because of the Promise Scholarship, I don’t have to worry about student loans or paying them off. I can just focus

Jason Iraheta

Opening Doors Promise Scholarship Being able to save money, especially in the environment that we’re in right now, I think that’s very good. I’ll be

Jimena Medina

Opening Doors Promise Scholarship I decided to take advantage of this scholarship because I’m doing it on my own, not getting any financial help from

Rustin Hara

Making Dreams a Reality: Rustin Hara’s Story For Rustin Hara, pursuing a career in the fast-growing and financially rewarding petrochemical field was a big motivator

Dr. William McGarvey

La Marque College of the Mainland’s Opening Doors Promise Scholarship, once fully implemented, will enable any graduating senior in the college’s taxing district to attend

Mary Dunbaugh

Dickinson The Dickinson Management District No. 1 is honored to support the College of the Mainland Opening Doors Promise Scholarship program for our graduating high

Pastor Johnnie Simpson, Jr.

Dickinson I support the Dickinson Opening Doors Promise Scholarship because education and training are essential in reducing unemployment and underemployment. There are many students with

Mark E. Ciavaglia

Realizing a dream and family legacy. College of the Mainland provides immensely important opportunities for higher education and vocational training, thus serving a critical need

Ronishia Bradford

Realizing a dream and family legacy. As a child, it was always a dream to become a nurse. My mother and maternal grandmother are two