Scholarships can make a difference

COM is committed to finding a way to make the journey toward higher education manageable for you. Many of us encounter obstacles in the pursuit of our dreams, and to those of us who are faced with these challenges, COM is here to help. One key way that COM can help those in need is through scholarships.

An inspiring scholarship recipient and nursing student, Crystal Wick, has overcome tremendous adversity to be where she is today. When recently asked how receiving scholarships has impacted her college experience, she said, “One of the biggest impacts was being able to buy books on time. I didn’t have to worry about waiting for another credit card or financial aid to have the materials I needed.”

Scholarships can be the difference between pursuing your dreams today or having to put them off to yet another tomorrow. Higher education represents for so many an open door to new opportunities in life.


“I was tired of being the last one hired, first one fired,” Crystal explained. “I came back to school because I needed a career, and I wanted something that would bring stability to my life. It has been a journey, but I am here now. After getting into an online nursing program in 2017, my house was destroyed in Harvey, and I lost everything and couldn’t afford to continue. I almost didn’t make it when I caught COVID and thought I was going to die. All of this is a part of my journey and I have been through so much, so to finally be here and to be a recipient of anything, I am so grateful.”

Many people find themselves in similar positions to Crystal. Her advice to anyone wondering if they can afford to go back to school is, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help, just keep going. I have lost it all but just kept moving forward.”

Here at COM, scholarships are a fantastic way to get a much-needed hand up in the pursuit of your dream.

Koral Hairgrove

Opening Doors Promise Scholarship Because of the Promise Scholarship, I don’t have to worry about student loans or paying them off. I can just focus

Jason Iraheta

Opening Doors Promise Scholarship Being able to save money, especially in the environment that we’re in right now, I think that’s very good. I’ll be

Jimena Medina

Opening Doors Promise Scholarship I decided to take advantage of this scholarship because I’m doing it on my own, not getting any financial help from

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