Meet Jennifer Williams

With dreams of working in Process Technology, Jennifer was unable to complete high school and put her dreams on hold after obstacles stood in her way. Not one to give up, she obtained her diploma and has proudly served as a police officer for 15 years. While proud to serve, Jennifer wants more.


“I have been fortunate, but I am at a different stage in my life where I’d like to further my education,” Jennifer explained. After enrolling at COM, Jennifer worried about the cost of tuition and providing for her daughter. She wrote, “Thankfully, COM provided me with scholarships to help me during this time.”

 Because of donors like you, Jennifer is on her way to getting an Associate’s degree. There are many students just like Jennifer. Would you please make a gift to train and educate more students?

Crystal Wick

Scholarships can make a difference COM is committed to finding a way to make the journey toward higher education manageable for you. Many of us

Koral Hairgrove

Opening Doors Promise Scholarship Because of the Promise Scholarship, I don’t have to worry about student loans or paying them off. I can just focus

Jason Iraheta

Opening Doors Promise Scholarship Being able to save money, especially in the environment that we’re in right now, I think that’s very good. I’ll be

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